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Massage and coaching for expectant and new mothers during and after pregnancy offered by Reintje van der Cingel (1966).

Reintje van der Cingel is both a qualified psychologist  and an experienced bio-dynamic massage therapist. In addition to her training and qualifications, she is herself the mother of two children. Reintje offers massage and coaching in English and in Dutch.

Through my first pregnancy, Reintje has been there with her healing hands. I've treated myself to her soothing and deep touch that has eased the aches and pains of pregnancy. She has also provided love and understanding to a first-time mother. After a massage session with Reintje I was feeling cared for, which made it easy to reconnect with myself and my baby.

Before I came to Reintje I didn't even fully comprehend how awful I felt until I had a session with her and for once felt totally understood and completely accepted. I've been keeping up a huge facade for everyone around me so that they don't have to feel this burden, but I needed so badly to share it.

Reintje is a registered member of the Dutch professional association for body-oriented psychotherapists or SBLP (Stichting Beroepsorganisatie Lichaamsgeorienteerde (Psycho)therapie).