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About Reintje

ReintjevdCingelinboomMy name is Reintje van der Cingel. I am a bio-dynamic massage therapist and psychologist. I have been working in massage for mothers during and after pregnancy, since 1999.

I am the mother of a daughter (born 2003) and a son (2005). During my first pregnancy, I had massages to help with a number of symptoms. The massages helped alleviate my symptoms, but the result was more than physcial. It was also simply lovely to be massaged and pampered a bit. It helped me to relax and to enjoy my pregnancy much more.

My pregnancies, and my life with my children has enriched me in many ways. It has resulted in my seeing the world differently. I find these experiences so special that I find it further enriching to work in this field.

Since living in an international community I have learned that birth preparation and birth choices are highly personal and very diverse. I respect a full range choices in birth. I have also learned that birth physiology is ancient and timeless and that the same practices support optimal physiological birthing for all women.

Reintje is a life-long learner: always reading, always talking with new people. She appreciates insights from peer-reviewed scientific research, and she equally appreciates insights from loving attentive parents and wise men and women. She trusts both her gut and her brains with her own family, and wants you to trust yours. She believes that there is truth, or at least insight into truth, in ancient wisdom, women's traditions, diverse cultures, as well as in the scientific method. Reintje shares wisdom from a wide array of sources, and tries to let you know what type of source it is so you can focus on those in which you believe.

Giving birth is one of the great transitions in the circle of life.

It is an equalizer. It is one of the experiences that transcends the incredible diversity of life experience between those who are wealthy or poor, from the past or into the future, and so on. No matter who you are, becoming a mother is becoming a mother. It is profound and common all at once.

This sense of taking part in a shared experience is a deeply nourishing awareness and an antidote to feelings of isolation, overwhelm, or inadequacy. Self-care in pregnancy involves allowing yourself to feel this connection. It often comes easier during this period and can be felt even in simple acts like taking a warm bath and imagining other pregnant women around the world bathing. If it does not come easily, you may foster this sense of connectedness by reading stories, or by thinking back to other times or spaces when you felt more connected to the timeless or to humanity as a whole. Dawn or dusk, worship, silence, stargazing, wilderness experiences - spend time in the places or doing the things where you have sensed this connection in the past.