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What Reintje’s clients say

Marijke, mother of one, aged 35

I have always been fearful of giving birth. It was so bad that for many years, I didn't dare to get pregnant. Through speaking with you, I discovered that I had difficulty with the 'uncontrollable' aspects of the birth. It's not possible to plan when the birth begins, and you know that it will be painful but can't predict how bad the pain will be. You and I together prepared for the delivery as concretely as possible. It became clear that I could have more influence than I had expected. After the delivery, I was very proud of myself, and I don't feel the need to postpone a second pregnancy any more.

mirrohorizontalEllen, 32 years old, one child

After the birth of Mees, I took care of him as I should, but I was not overwhelmed with a mother's love and I didn't feel at once as if I were his mother. I wondered if I should love this child, just because he was my child? I was embarrassed about this feeling and felt guilty toward Mees. At first, I didn't dare to speak about this with anyone, because a new mother is expected to be on a pink cloud of contentment. I could express my 'negative' feelings with you without feeling judged. I am certain that this helped my mother's love for Mees to grow.