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We all need support at some specific times in our lives. Coaching can help develop specific skills or understandings that help deal with a specific situation.

What can you expect during a coaching session?

The coaching I do is personalized according to your own vision, your strengths, and your current situation. That means that the coaching sessions will focus on what is most important to you individually. I will help you implement strategies that work with your personality and your own unique situation.

I am a compassionate listener, and I focus on understanding exactly what my clients are thinking and feeling, their intrinsic strengths, and how you can shift away from a pattern of thinking that limits your options.

We sometimes carry beliefs about birth and our bodies that can get in the way of having the kind of birth experience we want.

One of the things that makes Reintje such a good coach is her superb ability to listen with the kind of listening that leaves you feeling as if you have truly been heard. When someone listens to you that well, suddenly your mind is filled with solutions that were not possible before you were heard. Reintje was also able to create an atmosphere in which I felt so safe and non-judged that I was able to process my feelings. She did not leave me feeling as if I were alone, but rather as if she were right there with me.

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