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Coaching during pregnancy

Turbulent world of feelings

Photograph by Alex Mueller.
Photograph by Alex Mueller.
During your pregnancy, your emotions may seem turbulent. This is caused by a combination of the extra hormones in your body, but also by the many changes in your life. Because of this, you may feel simultaeously uncertain and happy about the new adventure that you are about to begin.

Pregnancy concerns

Every women is to some degree concerned about the progress of her pregnancy and the birth. If this is your first pregnancy, you may wonder whether the pregnanacy symptoms you are experiencing are normal or unusual.

Talking about your experience and your doubts

It can be very nice to be able to share your experiences and concerns with someone who is not part of your regular life. This is what I can offer. The treatment is a combination of support/coaching and massage.

Cecile, first time mother at 27, says:

I found the combination of first talking and then a massage ideal. I was very tired throughout my pregnancy. In my busy work environment, I found my colleagues had little understanding of my tiredness. With you, I could discuss how I might handle that situation. That calmed me, and therefore I could relax completely during the massage.