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Coaching for new mothers

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Photo by Philip Dean, Creative Commons.

After the birth of their baby, many women are more sensitive than usual, sensitive to happiness and also to feeling low. Normal situations can acquire an extra glow, and, at the same time, the tiniest occurences can affect your sense of emotional balance.

You have a new role

It takes time to become accustomed to having a new role in your life. Suddenly, you are responsible 24 hours per day for the wellbeing of a child. That can create a situation in which you might doubt everything, and you might ask yourself if you are doing it right. It also is easy to forget about fulfilling your own needs.

Talking about your experience and doubts

It can be very nice to have the opportunity to talk about your experience and doubts with an experienced professional who is herself a mother but who is not someone in your regular life. A session with Reintje consists of time to talk, support and coaching, and then a massage which takes the rest of the appointment time.

Inge, aged 29 with one child:

During my pregnancy, I was focussed on being pregnant. I hadn't thought much about life with a child. I had a difficult delivery with a lot of bloodloss, it took time to be able to breast feed, and Anna didn't at first sleep during the day. I was exhausted after hours of walking around with her trying to get her to sleep, and I kept asking myself if this was enjoyable.

It was such a relief to be able to talk to you. I could spontaneously tell you what I liked about motherhood and how proud I am of Anna.

Photo by Joe Chang, Creative Commons