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Frequently asked questions

During which period of my pregnancy may I be massaged?

You can be massaged during your entire pregnancy. (If you have any special conditions, it is recommended to check with your doctor first.)╩During the first three months, massage will help you to feel fitter again, and it can alleviate headache and nausea. From the fourth month of your pregnancy, you might suffer from backpain or leg cramps. Massage alleviates these symptoms and you can feel better in yourself. During the third trimester, your body body has to adjust farily quickly to a rapidly growing baby. This can be manifested in pelvic, back, neck and shoulder problems, fluid retention and poor sleep. Pregnancy massage can alleviate these symptoms.

I'd love to have massages during the rest of my pregnancy. How often is it recommended?

You can have massages as often as you like. Many women come every two weeks, and, during the final month, once a week. If you wish to cmoe more often, or less often, this is also fine.

Are there pregnancy problems that might mean it is better not to have a massage?

If you have typical pregnancy symptoms, then massage will help to reduce them. If you have a medical issue, do first speak with your doctor. And let me know in advance what medical issues you have.

massagetableI can't lie on my belly any more. How can you massage me?

I massage you as you are lying on your side. And, as long as it is still comfortable for you, I can massage you as you lie on your back. I also use a special massage table with comfortable wells to support your breasts and belly (up to seven months' pregnancy).

I love a robust massage. Is this permissible now that I am pregnant?

I can massage you firmly, but I don't use deep forms of massage. This is because deep massage increases the risk of undesired hormonal reactions or too many waste materials being released.

How long after delivery can I best begin with postnatal massage?

In principle, you can have a post-natal massage whenever you feel a need for one. In practice, it seems that most women come between two and four months after delivery.

May I bring my baby with me?

Yes, you can bring your baby along to the massage. It is most important that you decide for yourself if you will be able to relax during the massage. Some women find the presence of their baby adds to their enjoyment.