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How it works

An individually tailored massage to fit your needs

The massage takes place in a quiet room with unique furnishings. Each session takes about one-and-a-quarter hours. The session is designed based on your needs, as it is most important that you are able to relax completely during the massage.

Photo by Joanne Q Escobar, Creative Commons.
Photo by Joanne Q Escobar, Creative Commons.
During the first part of the session, we will explore how your pregnancy is going, and also any wishes you have or issues you are experiencing. This sharing will influence how I massage you, including finding the best position for you to relax on the massage table. Your position during the massage is often a combination of lying on your side, back, and/or belly. I use a massage table which is specially designed for pregnant women through the seventh month. Segments of the table are adapated to accomodate your belly and breasts. I will also suport your body with cushions and bolsters, and your skin is covered with warm towels to keep you cosy.

The treatment


Massage works to relax your body physically. Your muscles become more supple and relaxed. Your blood circulation, and your baby's, will be stimulated. Your breathing becomes deeper, and your mind will come to a state of deep restfulness. Your body can recuperate from the work of pregnancy.

Through the process of paying attention to the many changes in your body, you will become more aware of the baby in your belly. Research indicates that pregnancy massage can help address many complaints: improving rest at night, reducing back pain, reducing the production of stress hormones, and reducing the complications that could arise during delivery. Research also found the percentage of premature births was lower among mothers who had pre-natal massages.

Massage techniques

I use massage techniques and massage oil that are specially designed for the pregnant body.