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You are pregnant!

Pregnancy is a unique time. You are aware that a baby is developing within you, and you feel special.

Your body is preparing itself

8365122140_a3c4646d36_kPregnancy is also a time during which a lot is happening in your body, in a relatively short period of time. Hormones affects your muscles and joints. Everything becomes softer and looser to make room for the baby and for you to prepare for delivery. These changes can result in your becoming tired much more quickly. Sometimes you might get physical complaints like pain in your neck or back, pelvic complaints, retention of fluid, or poor sleep. Pregnancy massage helps to alleviate these symptoms.

The massage takes place in a quiet room. Each session takes about one-and-a-quarter hours. The session is designed based on your needs, as it is most important that you are able to relax completely during the massage. I use a special massage table with cushioned cut-out to accomodate a pregnant belly and breasts (up to about the seventh month), as well as special massage oils.

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We all need support at specific times of our lives. Coaching can help each of us to develop specific skills or understandings we need at that time.

During your pregnancy, your feelings may become turbulent. This is caused by a combination of the extra hormones in your body, but also by the many changes in your life. Because of this, you may feel simultaeously uncertain and happy about the new adventure that you are about to begin.

Pregnancy concerns

Every women has concerns to some degree that your pregnancy and the delivery will work out well. If this is your first pregnancy, you may feel uncertain, whether the pregnanacy symptoms you are experiencing are normal or unusual.

Talking about your experience and your doubts

It can be very nice to be able to share your experiences and concerns with someone who is not part of your regular life. This is what I can offer. The treatment is a combination of support/coaching and massage.

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